Management Training

Whether you're an employment applicant or a current employee, F.W. Webb strives to identify candidates for managerial training and placement in our branch operations. The company offers a successful yet selective, hands-on Continuous Improvement Program (CIP) to drive high standards and accommodate growth with a pool of well-trained future managers.

A majority of the company's general managers, operations managers and store managers are CIP graduates. Although there is no set profile for a successful applicant, all CIP trainees share a high level of motivation, desire to do a good job, willingness to work hard, and prior work experience.

Under the supervision of the CIP manager, trainees are assigned to a branch or branches and work closely with a general manager and an operations manager in every job function.

Operations, including inventory and shipping, is the key focus. Participants also spend time in the field with customers and sales reps, as well as learn other aspects of our business, such as IT.

The goal of the CIP program is to develop new and current employees for managerial positions. Will you be one of them? Apply today.